Nothing scarier than someone going for your fries

Picture this! You’ve ordered your meal at Texas Chicken. Fries on the side. As it arrives, you smell the aroma of the piping hot fries and can’t wait to gobble them up. Suddenly, you feel it: a hand reaching out, fingers outstretched, going
for your fries.

This is the premise of the Halloween ads from Texas Chicken that use shadow art, crafted by Wunderman Thompson Dubai. The brand launched a Halloween campaign centered around the ‘frightful’ idea of someone—or something—stealing your fries. Because there’s nothing scarier than a person, or a monster, taking your fries.

The ads show hands reaching for fries with the shadows creating monsters in the background: T-Rex, spider and werewolf. The ads were launched across print, poster and social with different activities planned in-stores
to celebrate the spooky day.
In-stores all over MENA region 
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